Ken Walker



Chris Williams



Emigrated with my family to New Zealand where I still live and work. Married to Joanne (28years) with two grown kids now. Form teacher was Mr Kirkpatrick and remember me being lousy at woodwork. Please feel free to get in touch if you have fond memories also…


Chris Wise



After my brief spell in 6th Form as a photo model in Jackie, blue jeans and Patches, I left HM with an Adidas bag full of good memories. Life has so far been good but I still look back and think @Was the key to attracting the chicks………POD SANDALS????’ If only I had added POD SANDALS to my Blue Pringle cardigan, black Farahs, white terry towelling socks and well brushed long hair would this have been the key to success? (Email me with your answers.)

If you have seen me over the past few years you will have noticed that the boyish looks have gone and the upkeep of the 6pack has failed…..but I’m very happy with 3 chrildren and a good job and my ambition of living across the road from HM has been fulfilled.

I would just like to thank my teachers for putting up with me for all those years.


Alf Walshaw



Fond memories of Heaton School. Retired 11 years ago and been touring round Europe in a camper van for 5 years. Finally bought a house in the Peleponese in greece with my lovely wife. Still riding motorbikes. Two children living in UK.


Malcolm Winch



Well, what has happened in 30 years?? I joined the R.N. and got married and had a downsizer family, moved to Scotland due to my job as a Firefighter and love it here.

I reaslly enjoyed my time at Heaton and on this and other websites have had so much fun remembering people such as – Ian and Steve Gray, Bernie Leicester, Owain Harris, Jo Walker, Pat Clarke, Rick Galusha ( what a bonus for the rugby team lol) Nalla (Allan) Scorer, Les Saint(!!!!!!!!!!) Vin (Varinda) Minhas, Pete( Charco/Charlie) Brown……. And she would kill me if I forgot her……Alison Hill.

As for the teachers, top of the list was Tosh and his pal Alf Walshaw: Binnie (Formidable) Posner, Mister Massey – Taylor (scary and funny in equal amounts).


Angie Wall




Fleur Wilkinson




Jeanette Wood



I have been living in France for the last 22 years and would love to have some news about my old school that I hope to visit some time this year.

Is it possible to have news or email addresses of my fellow students? Please get in touch.


Sara Wilkinson




 Janet West




David Westwell



Attended Manor Park and wants to know if the site caters for ex Manor Park people. (Yes, anyone from MP is very welcome.)


Andy Walker



I went on from school to do a degree in Computer Science at the University of York. Sadly the search for work took me to London and I have stayed south ever since.

I’m married with 2 lads of 11 and 8, and am now living and working in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

I do have fond memories of being at Heaton and, like others, feel a touch of sadness at the Old School disappearing.


Rod Walker



I do have such fond memories and often wonder what happened to……….

I am married with our first child due in December (2003). My life has been varied and interesting, graduating in Furniture Design, working in the "design field" for several years, giving it up and travelling world-wide for 4 years and returning (why?) to set up a business in giftware 6 years ago.

Live in Bedfordshire and returned to Newcastle for my stag weekend last August.


Hilary Elsworth(Wilkie )



 I attended Heaton Manor when it was called Heaton High, after passing my11+ in1961. At this time the school was under the reign of the formidable Dr Constance Henstock. My memories are always centred around maths lessons with "Doc H" after gym (with Miss Raby)

We emerged from gym with dishevelled uniforms into the maths class and Doc H would take exception to our appearance. She verbally attacked us in turn, as she put sums on the board. "In what order do we attack the equation, gaaaarls" she would shout. I would reply in my best Geordie accent, the rules of brackets, multiplication, division, arithmetic and subtraction (in that order, which was remembered by the phrase "Bless My Dear Aunt Sally). This was immediately taken apart by Doc H who reminded us in her best RP, that we should be saying "Bless MY Dear *Arent * Sally".

I remember Miss Crabtree (who now runs this site), however, I was not in her form class. I was in the year with Miss Ianarelli as my form teacher at one point. Other memories are of the awesome needlework teacher- Miss Harbottle, who often threatened to throw us out of the windows and into the quadrangle if our sewing wasn’t up to scratch! Consequently, we used to dive for the sewing machines and I must hold the world record for taking five years to sew a button on a blouse!

I am still in contact with a couple of ex-pupils from my year group including Cynthia Innerd, Pat Thompson, Janet Burrage and Kath Burrage (year below). My best friend was Lucille Bourke in the year above – I believe she now lives in Melton Mowbray.

Many years later when Peter Illingworth was Headteacher, my son David also attended the school. Peter accompanied him (among others) on the annual trip to La Rochelle in 1992. He was in the same year as Louise Gill and Stephen Lovell- who, I believe, Left in1999. It remains to be seen if a third generation will attend the new school.


 Jonny Wright



Now married with 3 kids 14, 13 and 10- all great.

Work as North East Operations Manager for a national charity, working with young people excluded from education etc.

Still a nutter and love music (still play in a blues band).

Have great memories of G and S productions (especially the parties afterwards), Rugby trips to Murreyfield (Especially the stops in Wooler- was cider alcoholic then?) and lots of others but can’t recall them now.



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