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 Did my PhD at Sussex University and am currently beginning a Year as a History Research Fellow at London University (trying to break into the TV historian thing, but so far all Iíve managed is a few shows on radio 4). Thereís no job security at all in HE, but itís a nice life, especially since I just get to do research, manage my own time, teach a few postgraduates and spend a lot of my time on Brighton beach.

Iím in touch with Corin Ashwell and working in London also allows me to regularly see a few old school friends, like Emily Slater who has just finished a PGCE in Citizenship, and is now jobhunting in London.

It was good to bump into so many ex-Heaton Manor on the big anti-war march in London last Feb!

I put a big fat acknowledgement to the value of comprehensive education in my PhD thesis and intend to do likewise if the publishers ever get round to bringing it out as a book. The comp kids we get are much more articulate and challenging than the alumni of the private sector exam factories.









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