Kriss Richardson


Living in Wallsend now with Gemma, my girlfriend of a number of years. Went and did my degree in Media Studies and Photography (yes, I was a slacker well into my 20s) at Sheffield Hallam which I miraculously, if narrowly, passed. Then came back up here toforge a career aas a singer and DJ which is going surprisingly well at the moment! Plenty radio plays!

Actually came to thr new Jesmond site last year to see my younger sister perform with the Young Americans on tour and foundit a rather strange experience, as it wasall new but strangely familiar.

Nice to see Miss Gilman that afternoon tho.

Thanks to all the teachers that put up with my cheek over the years, Dr Fergus, Mr Jarvie, Miss Muir and Mr Dunphy. You know who you are. Hope everyone is well and good.


Tony Roberts




 Peter Rea



Would love to say that I joined the mud wrestling circuit and lived the life of a nomadic gypsy but alas no---- I work in London as the Commercial Manager for a large Italian Offshore Oil Contractor. Get to travel a lot overseas with my job, seem to spend more time commuting and on planes than anything else. I still live in Newcastle and return there every couple of weeks.


 Louise Robertson



Loved my time at Heaton School and remain friends with many of my old schoolmates.

I now work as a District Nurse in York (no, itís not like "Where the Heart Is"!) and am married with two lovely daughters.

Only return to Newcastle occasionally as my parents now also live in York and my husbandís family are from Northamptonshire.

Had a fantastic time at the 2001 reunion. Have another one soon please.


 Jack Richardson



Heaton Manor was such a great school- enjoyed every minute of it.

Iím now fast-tracking my way through the ranks of central Government civil service, but hoping to move into local Government in the long term. Based in County Durham but living in Newcastle and travelling from time to time, though not yet internationallyÖ

Getting married in July to Ali Hughes (also an ex-pupil) which Iím looking forward to so much!

Still really into music, listening, playing, producing following bands around the country when I canÖ

Building a small studio at home, mainly electronic gear and drums.

Seem to remember being a little "unruly" at school- sorry you guys that had to deal with it -sorted in the end though and now being sensible, most of the time.

Would be good to hear from people, although no one else seems to have this site yet- thought Iíd get my name down and see if anyone else signs up.


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