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Ashley Nolan



I have been a pupil at Heaton Manor since its new school opened in 2004. We have recently finished for the last time as year 11 students and I have thiught Heaton Manor to be a fantastic scool with plenty of potential for the furure.


Chris Newton



Hey All. Most of the teachers will remember me for the bad rather than the good. Not that there was much good. I hated school at the time but Iíd go back to Heaton Manor tomorrow if I could. Favourite teacher? It would have to be Miss Smith, the English teacher; or the young RE teacher Ė Man - she was gorgeous.

Ihave 2kids one 5 called Elisha and the other ,6 months old, is called Chloe.

Get in touch anyone out there.


 Lawrence Napper



Nice site. I was at Heaton Manor for these years. Canít say I enjoyed it that much at the time but itís now clouded in the rosy glow of nostalgia.

I work at the University of East Anglia now.


 Andy Nicholson



I look back on my time at Heaton with huge, rose-tinted spectacled fondness, especially from Year 3 (Year 9 these days) onwards. Sixth form was especially enjoyable due to a great bunch of friends who all acted well below our age. I particularly remember lunchtimes, trying to cram as many people as possible onto a small round table in the Sixth form common room. I think the record was 15, all of us clinging on for dear life. I donít think I talked to a single Sixth form girl in my 2 years there. Truly pathetic!

The teachers also played their part in making it fun, particularly Ron Cherry for his History lessons Ė or more accurately his - one man shows, as they were full of impressions, digressions and story telling. Was it really fair to ask NQT Dave Thornton to follow in his footsteps? Other names that stick in the mind for their teaching, kindness, bollockings or quirkiness include Joan Robson, Mr Horn, Mr Falconer, Barry Taylor and Peter Dowson. It is interesting to note some teacherís comments that the first 3 years of the merger were a bit of a mess. As students at the time we too thought it was a bit of a muddle but Iím really pleased it has gone on to be a big success.


 Michael Nicholson



I currently work in Leeds and live in Knaresborough with Barbara and our 2 kids, Emma and Robert.


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