Paul Murray



I came,I left, I went back again and then left again, so not sure if I qualify as an expupil, but I do remember it being a bloody good school. It managed to coax 8 O levels out of this dunderhead, unlike the private where I made a complete hash of my A levels.

I remember some grest teachers, Mr Cherry(who seems to be on everyone’s list), Mr Toshack, who used to flirt with my Mum when she worked at the Corner House, Miss Crabtree, the Geography teacher – (Mr Masterson I think) Amongst many.

They must have done some good, worked 20 years in the City in investment banking, retired with wife and 2 boys to Wiltshire. Got bored so set up a company with a mate. Now have offices in UK and US.

I live in Newport Beach California, home is Marlborough in Wiltshire but I will always be from Heaton.


Graham Mitchell



Left with one E A level and a motley collection of O levels.Spent 40 years in Banking with Natwest. Now I live in Lancashire with my wife and I work from home as Compliance Manager for an IFA.


Linda Anne McLaren

Fiona McVittie




Now Sacha D


Trish Morris




Hugh MacKay



I was never the cleverest or most studious of pupils, as various teachers with varying degrees of exasperation will attest, but I can say that, in the main, I thoroughly enjoyed time at Heaton Manor and am glad to say have recently reaquainted myself with some former pupils. Thanks for a great year reunion, Rachel. Freda and Anne and some splendid card weekends – thanks ,lads.


Kevin Martin




Gemma Milligan




Andrew McEwan




David Mosley




Susan Mears



Now Susan Williamson. Anyone who remembers me please get in touch.


Malcolm Maughan



I stumbled across this web site by accident. I am a Land Survey Manager for Owen Williams Consultants, married with a young family and live in Sussex.

I am still in regular contact with the following former pupils, Paul Roen, Neil Urwin and Steve Burke.


 Ross McGill



 Where do I start? I joined Heaton School as it went comprehensive so most of my reminiscences are actually of the Grammar School rules which carried on past the changeover.I remember lots of the teachers and stay in touch with some of the pupils – Michael Dwyer, Alan Tate, Stephen Hunter. I’d love to find Michael Chambers againMemories good and bad – being threatened with "chinning" outside the school gates by a bunch of skinheads, climbing in through a broken panel to hide in the classroom before the bell, getting a 100 lines from a Geography teacher in my very first week for laeving a blank page in my homework book!

My abiding memories of teachers are of Miss Newbegin who was my inspiration and the reason I am where I am today.( I can spot a spelling error in any document from 3 miles – valuable and irritating in business) and I kept a passionate interest in language which I ascribe to her.

I ended up as Head Boy along with Michael Chambers and Head Girls including Mary Mitchell.

Married 28 years – engaged within 7 days of first meeting and have 3 wonderful girls, kirsty. Elizabeth and Charlotte.

Been to the top of the corporate ladder, Group CEO. Left in2001, now work from home as1. Marketing Director of US firm 2.MD of consultancy 3. Finance director of wife’s catering firm and 4. Author( 2books in print and 3rd out in July.


Gary Maill



Hi. Some fit ladies might wanna get in touch.


 Angela MacKenzie



Still There


 Thaver Mohammed



 Hi, can not believe I have turned 40!!!!

Eventually settled in Kilmarnock, via Dubia, Rome, Capetown, Islamabad and, until Sept 11th , Barbados! Very happily married with a "gentleman’s family" of a boy and girl. (When I find who That gentleman is, he’s DEAD!)


 Sandra Milton




Mark McHutchon






Rebecca Murray























Not as glamorous a life as some, unfortunately. Am living in Wallsend, married to Micky (McMaster, another ex-pupil), and have two kids, Lauren and Matthew. I am a medical secretary for a GP in Westerhope. Would be great to hear from any old friends.


I’m just finishing a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Sheffield, then staying here to do a PhD! I love the city and I want to stay! Missing Newcastle people though.



 Left after A levels. Went to Coventry University and was awarded a BSc (Hons) in Health Sciences before going to Loughborough University to study for a PGCE in secondary Science, specialising in Biology. Got my first teaching post at The City Technology College at Kingshurst, Birmingham.

I got married in 1999 to Steve Trower – no babies as yet.





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