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 Carol Keys



I left Heaton Manor in the 6th form in 1991. I am now working as a dental nurse/practice manager in Benton.


 John Keddie


2003 ? 


Having previously been Second in Department of Mathematics in Heaton School, I became Head of Faculty of Heaton Manor School in April 1984. I soon started timetabling responsibilities and then became the chief timetabler for some years - a very demanding job in a split-site school.

In the first 3 years of merger, life was very difficult but then everything improved immensely and Heaton Manor School took off from 1986 and became tremendously successful.

I have had the privilege to have known so many wonderful staff and students. Heaton Manor has had so many excellent teachers. Some are still there and some have moved on. It is such a pleasure to meet former students and hear how they have fared in life. It is the ultimate accolade to be invited to a former student's wedding, which has happened a few times.

In recent years, I have been particularly privileged to have taught Thomas King who studied maths at Cambridge and Steven Sowden who studied maths at Oxford, resulting in a 1st MMATH degree. These are the most recent maths geniuses but there have been many others longer ago and then so many other students who were not necessarily academically outstanding but, above all, really nice people!

Wonderful memories include the many musical productions organised by Len Young and especially the Gilbert and Sullivans with Ron Cherry directing. For all the casts and crews, these were superb experiences beyond the classroom. The last production with Len Young was 'Mine', written and directed by the late Mike Clark - a new work with original libretto from Mike and original music from Len. It was epic.

In the meantime, I have recently been part-time doing A-level only at HMS and loving it. Sadly, from September 2003, my services at HMS are no longer required. I am still employed for a few hours at Walker School and I may get offers from other institutions as well as private tuition.





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