Valerie Hastie(Hymers)



 As former pupils My sisterand Pauline and I (names on the commemorative wall) would like to announce our graduation this summer (2010) from Northumbria University (Dept of Arts and Humanities) both having gained a BA(Hons) in English Literature.

Because of the influence from the former greats –ie Dr Henstock et al we were inspired to ‘Try something every year, girls.’

Boys and girls it’s never too late – it’s a University of Life.

A very proud Heaton High girl signing off!


Andrew Hall



Hello, Hello! No I am not dead – sorry to disappoint you all! I rember being somewhat of a tike at school! I must say I would like to apologise to many teachers for my antics! I have very fond memories of Ms Charlesworth and Mr Walshaw … and many more! Being chased by Mr Gibson (Ahem)!!! Would like to hear from anyone .. I live in America now, have been there for 15 years or more! I am, surprisingly, an Engineer for John Hopkins University! Also I am a writer and just started my 2nd novel

Love yo all


Penny Hughes



I am now Penny Murray. I have fond memories of the Drama Society with Mr Cherry. We went on a trip to Stratford to see Othello and some of us actually swam in the Avon at night!

I have photos of the cast of The Crucible- 1968 and of Merchant of Venice. I can remember a lot of faces and some names.

I went to Newcastle University then did a post grad in teaching. I am now retired and live with my husband in Bedfordshire. I have 3 chrildren with one at home still. He is studying at Portsmouth University.


Ali Hughes(Richardson)



Graduated in History of modern Art, Design and Film and am now an Information Officer and Student Advisor in the Careers service at Newcastle University. Married Jack Richardson (ex-pupil) in 2003 and living in Heaton. Still in touch with a few people – if anyone wants to contact me you’re all welcome.


Brian Hedley




 Cheryl Hynds






Catherine Head





















 Hello , Currently doing what seems to be a neverending geography degree. Living at home (last year ,hopefully) till I can get enough money saved for my own place with boyfriend of 2 years, Andrew. If you are interested John (brother) Is finally tying the knot after what seems forever with his girlfriend. Denise got there before him and is expecting a little boy next month.



Great site, brings back memories of all those school days, most of them fun I hasten to add. I am married with 2 lovely children, Matthew 4 and Emma 2. Name now Bennett.

It was lovely reading through all the updates on the teachers. I remember fondly the cooking lessons but all the food tasted very strange, we always thought it was the washing up liquid.

Sport was fun, tennis and running!!! Still a runner to this day – someone inspired me, Miss Graham.

I remember theArt class with fear and trepidation, Mr Massey. I remember he squashed a wasp dead in front of me with his finger and put the fear of god into us, bless him – probably a gentle giant really.

I loved Geography and History with Mr Cherry.

The operas were fun; I could not sing but I don’t think anyone minded really and the production of ‘Mine’ was fantastic. Len, you were amazing!!!!

I always wanted to be a professional nurse when I was at school. I was not the brightest but with help and enthusiasm from all those brilliant teachers I made my dream come true. I have been nursing since I left school. It has brought me fantastic opportunities. I nursed with the TA and was involved in the first Gulf War, based in Riyadh during the conflicts. I have travelled andworked in Saudia Arabia after my posting in the TA as I wanted toenjoy more of this country and their complex laws and history.

I worked in Oz for a short space of time.

I am now married to Paul, a police officer,and we have two lovely children. We moved to Maple Ridge near Vancouver BC in Canada in 2008 and again I was able to come here with my nursing qualification so once again tank you to all those teachers who had faith in me when on occasions I did not have faith in myself. I finally made it!!!!





Judith Howey



Hi, I was a pupil at Heaton School and left when about 16ish. I hope to come to the forthcoming Reunion with my two sisters Susan and Pauline. We would love to catch with some old friends, so we hope a lot of people and teachers from our years will be there.

Some may remember me!! My name was Judith Howey, now Harding. I have 2 beautiful daughters Rebecca and Jessica who are 14 and 10. Although I never applied myself at school, yes, to the horror of my teachers , I actually admit it!!! I am enjoying a very successful career and am now a Director, so all was not lost after all!!


Gareth Horsley 




 Carole Hill







Jaqueline Hollinshead


































Erm this was my school. I want another Reunion ASAP- any reason for a good knees-up to see Mr Henderson and the gorgeous Ms Charlesworth-Kyle and many other teachers who hated me.



Great to see  so many names on here, sorry to hear about the old school being pulled down. Went on big OE in1996 and sort of never made it back home!!! Now live with a wonderful kiwi husband and have two kids. Chloe is nearly 3 and Caleb is 6mnths. Hope to hear from you all soon!!!



I left Heaton Manor in 1993 Having gone through the hell which was 6th form (only joking!) I have a few good memories of my time at HM, especially the PAV era, and the Spira parties. I think Kelly Richardson, Liezel Louw and Carly Lagun will remember those times. I also remember hearing those immortal words "sprint finish" a few times in the cold weather whilst trying to struggle through the Jesmond gates having just been on one of those runs Ms Forster (now Mrs Rayner) used to make us do!!

Any way, at the minute I am working and living in Newcastle ( having never ventured any further than Durham!) I haven’t seen anyone from school for ages, although I have seen Johnny Franklin walking round town a lot ( strangely he still looks exactly the same!) Would love to hear from people.


Grahaeme Hesp 









David Hawes-Johnson





















Attended Heaton before the "merger". Survived through that and made some great friendships from the Manor Park side of the house. Best memory is still "Mine" , the musical. When is that coming to Broadway? Especially since I’m living and working in the USA for the past nine yaers.

After working for NatWest all around the Newcastle area went to Sheffield Hallam University for one year before transferring to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (near St Louis) where I got my BS in Business/Human Resources and then myMBA.

Now working in Higher Education with fraternities and student organisations near Charlotte, North Carolina and about to start my doctorate.


After I left school I went on to Newcastle Uni ( in between working at Tesco’s in Jesmond) to do Computing Science. Finished that, then got a job with BT in Edinburgh looking after all the major computer systems. After 18 torturous months there ( my girlfriend REALLY didn’t like it up there and I didn’t know anyone else my age- or even in the same generation. I moved to Sheffield, still working for BT. My girlfriend also moved with me and we got married in September 2001.

I’m still in contact with quite a few people back home (one was even my best man).

Nice to get some updates about what is happening at the old site (even if it soon will be a new site)- and I would really like to find some old photos (or videos if they still exist) of the schol productions- Brave, The Crucible or Canterbury Tales ( I have the vid of Brave and might be able to get dups if required)


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