Chris Donald



 Just stumbled on the site during a quiet afternoon. Nice to see the photos from the 2004 reunion except for those of my brother pulling funny faces. Amazing how everybody keeps getting older. Would like to hear about future Reunions.


Lesley Deane



Now Lesley Ohana


Steve Denholm



As a pupil was known as Scooby. I worked on the railway for21 years. I'm now a Youth Worker in the Inner East Area. A lot of the young people come from Heaton Manor School. I work at Ravenswood Youth Project, Ouseburn Youth Project and with people in the Walker area and years 10 and 11 from St. Mary's RC School delivering the Asdan project.

I also help with the running of Heaton Meadowfield FC on a Sunday morning. If anyone wants to drop me a line use my email.


 Michael Denholm






Found site from the CafeDISC website. I was known as Michael Denholm back then but have recently changed my name to Reynolds.


Charles Dougall 



Started at the merger time of 1967, moving to Heaton when it was changing to Heaton Comprehensive from Heaton Grammar. We had all the best in terms of the traditions of the Grammar School ie teachers etc and had the benefit of friends accompanying us after leaving North View, Heaton. (I think we took the 11+ exam-canít be sure-perhaps someone may remember). I think the first form I went into and we are talking 36 years ago was 1-4 and the Headmaster was Harry Askew.

In those days everyone called me Charlie. Now Iíve adopted Chas, Ďcause I didnít like Charlie and joining the Army at16 allowed me the opportunity to change to Chas. If anyone can remember me I would like to hear from them. I had 3 sisters who followed me over the years, Linda, Carol and Julie. I lived in Weldon Crescent just opposite the entrance to the school off Newton Road.

Just to prove itís a small world, I work with another former Heaton School ex- a guy who started in1968, Mike Fryer.

If you want to get in touch with Mike or myself please email me and Iíll pass it on.

Chas I have tried to reach you at this Email address and itís been refused so can you contact via "Contact us" to put it right and then Iíll remove the red writing.

 Carolyn Deeble



Left Heaton School after A Levels in 1983. Still living in Newcastle: back in Heaton after a few years in Forest Hall. Married Paul 1989. Had a daughter in 1994, followed by son in 1997. Very busy family. Work 2 days a week. Hi to anyone who remembers me. (Carolyn Moffett.)



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