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I attended Heaton High (then Heaton School) and looking back now I have quite fond memories of old-fashioned teachers, Doc H. and the huge assembly hall. I was in the C form and nearly always with Christine Elliot. My sister also went to Heaton, the year above me (Penny Cox). Anyway, in some ways it was a good school. I really enjoyed History with Mr Gray and also Cookery with Mrs Lambert and I still follow her advice in the kitchen after all these years.

I live in Sweden now and they donít have a school uniform here. I loved my uniform, wish I had kept it really. My sister lives near the school so when I visit England I always walk past Ė a trip down memory lane.


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Rob Carr



I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Iím back in Newcastle after several years in London and a bit of travel.


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Joanne Cleary



Hi Everyone. My twin sister Elaine and I were at Heaton Manor and have some great memories. Itís scary Ė my own daughter, Beth, goes there now. It makes me know how old Iím getting. Going to a parentsí evening was very strange as once again I was in a classroom with Mr Stoker. I would love to hear from anyone who was in my year. Katrina Croft, Michelle Watson and Debbie Wiseman are just a few of many I can remember.


Sarah Coulton



I loved my five years at Heaton and was very sad to leave when my family moved to Oxford after my GCSEs. I am now reading German at the University of Birmingham but still hoping to go into Law eventually. Iíve kept in touch with lots of people from my year group, but would love to hear from anyone Iíve lost touch with.

Heaton was akey part of my life and mademe who I am today. Many thanks to all those who found and developed my skills, giving me hope that I could succeed; especially Ms Kettle, Mr Gillingwater, Mrs White(PE), Mrs Young,Ms Muir, Dr Fergus, Ms Nicholson and Mrs MacKenzie.

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I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Heaton School especially the rugby. Went to Bradford University and then on to Castle Howard where I am Forestry Manager. Sadly lost touch with all my ex schoolmates but did attend a reunion a couple of years ago. Would love to hear from any old mates.


Alison Clayton



Dates mean I was there for the infamous riot (usual suspects stirring so most of us were pretty unimpressed.

I now live in Berkhampstead in Hertfordshire and work for a computer software company as their Training Manager. Yeah, I know Ė teaching! Previously I worked at UCL for 11 years (I am soooo old) in the Dept. of Biochemical Engineering. I failed my Chemistry a level.

I am a member of the English Civil War Society and spend most of my weekends dressed up as a Roundhead. I also support The Toon, although these days that mostly consists of crying into my beer. Never mind, hereís hoping. I have to share my office with a "Gooner"- I ask you?!!

My ambition is to move back to Newcastle, although with the equity on my house, itís pretty tempting to sell up and go and live for the rest of my life without working, on a beach in Goa. I was probably born too late for such hippy notions.


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Left as stated-went to Bradford University and got a degree in Chemical Engineering (I know- amazing, considering how pants I was at Maths and Physics!!)

I now live in Durham with my girlfriend and kids (yes out and proud- seems like there were quite a few of us in our year!!)

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Started at Heaton High School  and enjoyed teaching there, especially my time with my first form whom I looked after as Tutor for 5 years, taking them into the mixed school, but I was very pleased when we joined with the boys.

My first boys class was Ian Matthewís 3R- a lovely bunch. Everybody soon got to know the personalities and I was very impressed by Ron Cherryís incredible expertise in production-"Ring Round The Moon" and "Hobsonís Choice" spring to mind.

Then Len Young arrived and the G & S Operas were revived. (Weston Walker insisted that they were always better when the "girls" were played by boys.) We all had great fun and I had the privilege of being a fairy, a Japanese maiden and a pirateís moll.

Costume parties were great too and who can forget Ronís unforgettable comment "All I can see is bottoms-enormous bottoms!!" which led to a rapid change in choreography. Struggles with the script were memorial too- Glenn Phillips "My stubborn will is bent!!"

My 6th Forms were a delight ĖAll different and interesting in their different ways. I retired with the year of í99 who were certainly one of the most memorable.

I also have happy memories of 6th form pantomimes, Broads and Canal holidays, International meals and Reviews after Voula Foscolo arrived.

I ran the exams too for many years as some of you will remember-interesting, nightmares for me literally and stress for you. Even 6th formers become like little bairns in Exam time.

PS I nearly forgot-I loved the teaching too most of the time-particularly the older students.


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The PastÖ.

Iíve many varied memories from school.

I remember Making costumes in year 7 English (MS. Butterworth) for a poem; Spike Mís "Ning Nang Nong" (where the cows go bong!). Our science club project in years 9-10 (with David Avery and Gemma McNab) came second in the regional Young Engineers competition!! We couldnít have done it without the help of Mr Dunn and Nige(l) the technician.

Sixth Form was by far the best bit of school. The Biology trip to Ford Castle was particularly memorable!!! (thereís a photo of Katy in the land of Giants on this site.) The Further Maths lessons were mad fun; we never managed to explain to Mr Keddie about those escalators! The highlight, however had to be A level Physics. The lessons used to be interspersed with Mr Bailey going off at a weird tangent talking about some astronomy thing (still good Physics and very interesting!), or with Mr Bell, just talking about something topical (we needed a break in the double lessons anyway!) My best achievement so far in my life is managing (somehow) to get an A in A level Physics.

The PresentÖ

Iím now in my3rd year studying Medicine at the University of Dundee, Scotland. The course is fantastic; weíre getting plenty of practical experience with both simulated patients and on the wards seeing real patients.

Iím heavily involved in the music society here (, leading the Orchestra and singing Tenor in the Chamber choir, and itís my 2nd year on the committee!! Iím also playing violin in a couple of local amateur orchestras.

Iím also still helping out at Beavers (six and seven year olds are as mad as ever!)

The FutureÖ.

Iím going to apply to take a year out next year(2003-2004)to go to London to do an intercalated degree in Medical Physics. The influences of Mr Dunn, Mr Bell and Mr Bailey have come back to haunt me!

Then itíll be back to Dundee for 4th and 5th year.I know itís way off in the future, but if anyone has any good ideas of where to go on my elective (six weeks or so on medical placement somewhere in the world!), then zap me an email. My only idea at the moment is to go to our colonies in theAtlantic (Falklands, St Helena and Ascension Islands).

Anyway, itíll be nice to read about everyone else so do put your details on this website!

Bye then.

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 They are tearing our school down. We, as previous members should have a Reunion in it before itís pulled down! What do you think?? Iím in talks with ntc. Gimme a call 08707656879 or 07971 656 879.

I attended HMS as the dates above. I since left to become the Managing Director of an international media company and a radio presenter for many national radio stations.


 Andrew Coulton



Loved my time at Heaton and without it would probably never have realised what I wanted to do or developed the experience to do it. School shows at Heaton got me work experience and then work at the Tyne Theatre and others in Newcastle. From that I came to QMUC in Edinburgh to do the BA in Stage Management & Theatre Production from which I just graduated with distinction.

Started work at The Transverse Theatre in Edinburgh (Scotlandís new writing theatre) in March as Assistant Electrician on a 1 year full time contract but thereís a chance I may be here longer.

Still running my business (PROScenia) as well, freelancing as a technician, rigger and lighting designer around Scotland for various theatre, conference/events and music companies.

Still get a kick out of getting paid to do something I love. Thanks so much to Voula Foscolo, Ev Ripley-Day, Dave Tilley, Dave Dunston and all the teachers & students who put me on the path. School productions are great for all involved, but you guys saw they could be more than that and gave me and so many others the chances to make a career people dream of.


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