Nadim Bhatti  


Hi, great site Ė brings back memories, best days of our lives but you only see that later. Iím looking to trace anyone who can remember the schools concert we organised in 1985, I think.

It wa School Aid and we videoed it. I think the teacher in charge was Mrs White. The BBC contacted me re a documentary but I canít find any memorabilia.

If anyone can help please contact me.


Shirley Brown



Now Shirley Gardiner, Iwas a pupil at Heaton High School and remember Freda Crabtreevery well. I left school after GCEs and worked in Jesmond Library. Miss Crabtree used to use the library and she encouraged me to study again. As a result I went on to St. Hildís College, Durham and became a primary school teacher. I was ever grateful to her for her faith in me.


Sue Blakemore



Loved my career at Heaton Manor and still have a soft spot for the place.


Keith Brewster



Just a quick note to establish contact. I have class photos and all my school reports (how sad is that!)

Wendy Blair



I left at the end of year 10 to move with my family down to Gloucester. What a wrench that was and Iím still trying to get back! Iím married to Alistaire Watson (no surprises there some of you will say) and we have two beautiful children, Leila and leo. Before Ali I had two children by a previous marriage, Jacob ans Ewan who are now turning into stroppy teenagers.

Iím teaching at a school in Gloucester in the Special Needs Dept. Recently gained a Masters Degree.


Nadim Bhatti




Frank Bates



 I was a pupil at HGS for these dates and am interested that the HGS site has turned up again. My full entry is on that site.


David Bell



I have recently come across this website. Excellent nostalgia for a back street kid from Byker who left Manor Park in 1962. I now live in semi retirement in Derbyshire and am keen to obtain some old photos or stories from my schooldays. Is anyone able to help, please? I am wanting to bulk out a book I am writing about the post war East end of Newcastle. For details try and use the search word Ďgeordieí.

I hope to hear from someone.


Angela Brown



Now Angela Wall.


Ann Barnet



Am now Ann Greenberg. I had hoped to use the Heaton High website but it has disappeared. I left Newcastle in 1953 and am most anxious to hear from former school friends.


Cassandra Barboza



Hello all! Iím so happy Iíve found this site. I was finally able to contacts friends I hadnít heard from in ages.

Anyway, for those who donít remember, Iím a Brazilian girl who studied at Heaton Manor for the dates shown. Iíve been back in Brazil for over 10 years and am on my way to becoming a videomaker/documentarist. Iím very happy with the choices Iíve made in life so far.

Can anyone tell me how Mrs Rowe is Ė I owe her a lot?

I hope to hear from some of you.


Helen Bruce



I left school when I was 16 and now have 2 children.

Helen Brindley



Now Helen Simmons.


 Melanie Brennan



 I attended Heaton School for the years indicated. I canít say I particularly enjoyed it, in fact I didnít!! Feeling was mutual, Ron Cherry advised me (!) not to stay on to 6th Form. As if !!! I wonder then why I feel sad when I see the new school being built?

I now live in Cheshire & have 2 daughters. Visit Newcastle often as all my family is still there.


 Liz Blakemore



I wonder if anyone remembers me. I am currently working as a Senior Lecturer ar Sheffield Hallam University where I have worked for 25 years!

Very fond memories of Heaton, particularly Drama with Ron Cherry. I wonder if he is still involved with the Peoples Theatre?

I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me. Best wishes.


 Karen Ballantyne



The pictures of the reunion were fab, only one problem Ė they would have been brilliant if they had had everyoneís names attached. I would loved to have seen thelikes of Mr Young, Mr Howe etc and see how many teachers were still there from my time at Heaton. I wonder about Mrs Posner. She filled me with terror in her shorthand class. I donít know how I managed a Grade One.

I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I was Karen Candlish.


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