Donna Anderton


Not much changed – I’m not marriedand still see the same friends like Carol Astrop, Janine Fagan, Joanne Mallett, Tanya Bews and Janet Bates. They are all well and not looking much older. I have a child of 8.


John Armstrong



I have been married to Mandy Moore, also an ex Heaton pupil, for 13 years now and we have 2 boys aged 8 and 6.





Now called MacLeod.


 Ben Au



I am currently working in Hong Kong as an assistant Sales Manager for a large electronics company. I have been back in Hong Kong since I graduated at Teesside University with a Marketing Degree back in 1997

I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me from my time at Heaton Manor, especially the teachers! I have so many fond memories.


Christopher Aitken 



Yeah! I bet you all remember me! Hi! Still here. Enjoyed the site though. Especially the reunion. It was good yet strange to see old colleagues. I was surprised though at how old everyone looked. Scary. And everyone thought I’d burn out first. Guess it just goes to show you eh? One thing I remember about Heaton? It was very Victorian and it scared the hell out of me!

Well, if you want to get in touch there’s the address! How’s Higgy? Tricket? Peach? Vicky? Ali? Woofy? Rocher? Martin? Normi? And all the rest of the paddock crew, you know who you are! Do you know? Say hello for me if you do. Or "hello!" Well got things to do. Let me know if there’s another reunion. I need a good laugh.


 Davina Addison



Hi, hope everyone is doing good. Does anyone know what happened to all the teachers??



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